Woman outraged after deputy shoots dog

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, MO - Morgan Browers says she was shocked when she heard the news.  Browers says Last Thursday a St. Francois County deputy shot her pit bull Skye on her front porch.

The Sheriff says the deputy was responding to several calls claiming the dog had bitten other dogs and on one occasion a bicyclist.

Sheriff Daniel Bullock says the deputy was trying to talk to the Browers about the dog when the incident happened.

"I know my dog very well and if I thought that my dog was aggressive or dangerous, you know, I would act on that," said Browers.

Sheriff Bullock says Brower's husband was asleep and didn't hear the deputy knocking but was awaken by the gunshot.

The Sheriff says the officer was just protecting himself.

"All my officers know that they don't get paid enough to get shot, beat up, or bit by a dog," Sheriff Bullock said.

Skye survived and still has part of the bullet lodged in his neck.

Sheriff Bullock offers some advice to anyone with a dog.

"There's a state law in Missouri that says you're responsible to control your animals and that's all we ask you to do,"  Bullock said.

It's something Brower says she is taking to heart.

"It'll be much more monitored and he won't be out of the house with out us from now on," She said.

Brower's husband is considering legal action and the sheriff says the case is now in the hands of the prosecuting attorney.

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