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Smaller sodas to help control obesity problem


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he wants to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces to help combat the nation's obesity problem.

Raina Childers, a nutritionist at Health Point in Cape Girardeau, said the smaller drinks could help people lose weight, and other health factors like good teeth, and a healthy heart.

Childers said sugary drinks like sodas, energy drinks, or sweet teas can be empty calories that people don't realize they're consuming. She said a standard 24 ounce bottle of soda has almost 40 grams, or about ten teaspoons, of sugar.

She said an extra 100 calories a day, adds up to an extra 10 pounds a year, so she said that's an easy way for added weight to sneak up on you.

"I've had clients that have been unaware of why they're gaining weight when we really sit down and talk about it, people often forget, about beverages and so I had one gentleman who consumed 1,000 calories just in his sugary beverages a day, he was not a phenomenon, that happens all the time," said Childers.

Childers said people will use the sugary drink as an energy boost.

"The downside is you get that energy pick up in the morning and in about 30 to 45 minutes you crash from the sugar low, or people often feel they're sluggish, so what do they often look for, again a repeat of that same sweetened beverage," said Childers.

Childers said when you drink sugary beverages, a lot of times you're not getting drinks you need like water or milk.

Childers said for many people, it's a habit to swing into a convenience store for a cold sugary drink, so she said she thinks it's a good idea for people to cut back.

But, Larry Taylor, said he doesn't think this regulation would help.

"If people are fat, they're fat, and if you cut their sugar down, they're going to be fat anyhow, I mean if you're going to eat three double Whoppers, you're going to eat three double Whoppers it don't matter what it is, if you're going to drink 5 sugar drinks, you're going to drink 5 sugar drinks, if they make them smaller, then you're going to drink ten smaller drinks instead of 5," said Taylor. "But you're still going to drink however much you're going to drink, it doesn't matter how small or big they are."

Taylor said he thinks government officials like Mayor Bloomberg should worry about, what he calls bigger problems, like our national debt. He said sugar intake is something individuals need to monitor on their own.

"It's like me when I drink a glass of iced tea, the glass ain't big enough so I'll go get me another one, so if they make the sodas smaller, they're not going to get enough so they're going to get another one, it's not going to solve no problems, it's just going to make you buy an extra soda," said Taylor.

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