Murphysboro school leaders look into drug testing students

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Students returning to Murphysboro High School in the fall could be taking a different kind of test, other than a written one.

That's because school administrators are looking into implementing a random drug testing program for all students involved in any extracurricular activities.

"I think that would be a wonderful idea. That way we know our kids are in the right frame of mind," said Jaimie Lowery. "That way they're focused on their studies. And they should be drug free if they're going to be in sports."

At this time the school district is looking at some of the other random drug testing programs already in place in surrounding districts.

"I don't think it's a bad idea," said Amanda Beasley. "I think it's probably good information for the school to have. And for parents to have as a preventative measure. If your kids test positive it's something to be thinking about."

And some kids say they too think that random drug testing could be a good thing for them and fellow classmates.

"I think it's good because people they do bring drugs to school," said Laquisha Razor. "They should be tested to make sure that drugs aren't going around our school. And to help us have a better learning environment."

The issue could be discussed during the Murphysboro School Board meeting scheduled in July.

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