Sons looking for missing TX dad

Andrew Haukereid Jr. (Source: Greg Haukereid)
Andrew Haukereid Jr. (Source: Greg Haukereid)
JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "We're just doing legwork, trying to find out...because it's just not like him. Nobody has heard from him. It's like he's fallen off the face of the earth," Scott Haukereid said about his father Saturday afternoon.
Scott and his brother, Greg are traveling through Region 8, getting the word out on their father who went missing a week ago today.
He was on his way from Chicago, Illinois but never showed up at his destination.
Now, the brothers are making their way from St. Louis to Little Rock, hoping somewhere along the way they find a clue as to where their father is.
"We've Googled hospitals...homeless shelters, all kinds of stuff trying to check everywhere and nobody has had anything," Scott said.
Their father, Andrew Haukereid has been missing since May 19. He set out on an AmTrak train from San Antonio, Texas, headed to Chicago to celebrate his upcoming 80th birthday and visit with family and friends.
"He was excited. So yeah, this is just not like him," Scott told Region 8 News.
Somewhere between Little Rock and St. Louis he went missing. From there, they contacted police, who pointed them to AmTrak police.
"He called me Monday morning and said that his luggage was there...but he wasn't."
Since then, Scott and Greg have been going to the areas that their father may have been.
"All we need is just one person to tell us "yeah, we saw him here" and it'll give us a place to go from," Greg said.
They say Arkansas state officials haven't been able to issue a Silver Alert for their dad because AmTrak police are investigating his disappearance.
"The investigators have been excellent," Greg said. "But I think it's clear that we're going to need the community involved to find our father."
They are looking for any kind of clue of his whereabouts. They say that will hopefully prompt an investigation. Until then, they've set up a Facebook page, hoping someone will know something about where he is. Scott said they're remaining positive.
"You have to keep hope that he's fine...but you have to be realistic as well that it may not turn out well."
Andrew, who also goes by Junior, was last seen wearing black dress pants, black dress shoes, a red shirt and a blue jacket. Andrew has curly gray hair and is tan and thin. He was wearing glasses and may have been disoriented. He doesn't, however, suffer from dementia.
If you've seen Andrew or have any information on his whereabouts, contact your local police.
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