Chaffee leaders vote to require prescription for drugs containing Pseudoephedrine

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - Monday night Chaffee city leaders voted to pass an ordinance that says you cannot buy cold medications containing pseudoephedrine without a prescription.

Council members left no doubt how they felt about the issue, the vote was unanimous.

It takes effect June first.

Chaffee becomes one of the last, if not *the* last city in southeast Missouri to adopt such an ordinance.

Chris Ratag a Sikeston DPS Narcotics Detective says the city had to take action.

"Not only what the meth does to the community and surrounding communities but you also have to look at the people coming here to purchase those pills," Ratag said.

He says those people also have an impact on the city.

"The crime element that is coming just across the street from the police station to the downtown area of Chaffee," he added.

Several Missouri lawmakers want pseudoephedrine to become a prescription-only drug statewide.

Last year the state House passed the measure, but the Senate did not.

Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant widely used to make methamphetamine.

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