5/23/12 - Memorial Day

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Monday we will celebrate the unofficial start of Summer with the observance of Memorial Day. For a whole lot of us, that means going to a lake, taking an out of town trip, barbecuing with family or friends, or maybe just a lazy three day weekend.
While most of us will take a holiday, far too many of us will forget the sacrifices that were made to give us this day off. It is extremely important to remember that Memorial Day exists to commemorate the men and women who have fallen in military service to our country. It was created to honor those who paid the price for our freedom.
If you're a parent making holiday plans I encourage you to think about the families who have members serving in the military. Pay them back by taking some time this Monday to explain to your youngsters the importance of the men and women who protect our freedoms....including our ability to celebrate holidays. Too many men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting the American way of life and those who have died in service to our country deserve our respect. Let's do a better job teaching the next generation about the importance of honoring our American heroes.
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