Corps gives Mississippi/Ohio River confluence update

Above Cairo (Source: Corps of Engineers)
Above Cairo (Source: Corps of Engineers)

MEMPHIS, TN (KFVS) - The Corps of Engineers say they are making steady progress in their efforts to restore the Mississippi-Ohio River confluence area.

According to Memphis District Commander Col. Vernie Reichling:

-In Illinois, the non-federal sponsor continues to make great progress in acquiring right-of-way for two projects on the Ohio River side.

-On the Mississippi River side, the contractor is set to complete site preparation and begin excavating the slurry trench soon, according to Reichling. The relief well project is around 78% complete and they expect to complete the projects soon.

-On the Kentucky side, the Corps says their non-federal sponsor is making steady progress in acquiring the required right-of-way. They plan on awarding a contract in July.

Crews continue to remove the temporary protection at the upper crevasse at the Birds Point-New Madrid floodway in preparation of contracted work currently scheduled for June.

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