People in Cape Girardeau excited about recent job announcements

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Saint Francis Medical Center announces a big expansion and renovation project, one that will bring more than 100 permanent jobs and another 500 during construction.

It's just the latest in a string of projects taking place in Cape Girardeau right now.

"I'm proud to live here," said Cheri Adcock.

The project includes a new orthopedic and neuroscience center -- and on the north side a women and children's pavilion.

"That's really exciting because a lot of people want jobs in the health care field," said Adam Beard, of Cape Girardeau.

People in Cape Girardeau say it's encouraging to hear about so many new jobs.

"So many are going into nursing field and there were no jobs," said Mary Smith. "Now they have the opportunity to stay."

Smith says she feels the job market in Cape Girardeau is opening up. She just got a job at the new Menards store, set to open this week.

"It was more difficult to get a full time job for me," said Smith. "It's good to see the jobs coming."

Others notice more than just jobs - from the casino to the Broadway Project for a more inviting downtown.

"I'm excited about the Broadway project," said Adcock. "I hope it will look like Farmington or some of the other areas that are so quaint."

Even people from out of town are taking notice.

"I like the old town feel the architecture the buildings," said Winton Reynolds. He visited Sunday with his family from Pevely.
"I like taking pictures," said Cynthia Reynolds. "There's something new to see here. We'll come back."

Mayor Harry Rediger says he's happy to see all the progress. He says the Broadway Project and Casino are on schedule around November. Rediger also tells us other announcements could be around the corner.

As for the Saint Francis Medical Center expansion, it will cost about $127 million and should be completed by 2016.

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