Easy ways to save big online

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)-  Your computer can be money in your bank.  For anyone looking for an easy way to save some cash, just head online.

When planning my 2-year-old's birthday party, I couldn't find Barney items in retail stores anywhere, but was able to find oodles of the purple dinosaur on-line. Before heading to the check-out, it went to promotioncode.com, searched for the Internet store and found a coupon for free shipping. It saved me nearly $15.

If you purchase and ship just 12 items a year, that's an average savings of $60, when you add on the tank of gas you saved by shopping on-line, it's another $60, bringing an annual savings total to $120.

Beyond birthdays, using the same type of site when searching for travel deals saves users on average, $300 a year.

And if you'll use that computer for researching travel, entertainment and news headlines it's an additional savings of about $220 a year on newspaper subscriptions. Even if you keep the Sunday edition and all those great coupons, it's still a savings over $100 to read your news on-line.

Once you read the movie review on-line and decide which movie to see next, you can stay on line and save a huge amount of cash. It costs a family of 4 about $60 to catch a flick on the big screen, multiplied by 8 times a year and that's a $480 savings to stream those movies.
Cutting the cable bill, on average cut a huge expense, saving about $600 annually.

For bills you absolutely can't delete, a study by Internet Innovation Alliance finds paying bills online saves you $47 bucks on postage and over the phone bill payments.

That same study finds another helpful cure to your financial headache. If you checkout sites like drugstore.com and amazon.com to order over the counter medications on-line, you'll save another $117 for your piggy bank.

Finally, for everything you can't do online, before you fill up the gas tank, head to wave3.com for WAVE 3's list of lowest gas prices, research shows it's another $132 in savings. Using all of the above brings the annual on-line savings to $2016.

Crunch the numbers and find what fits your lifestyle.  Whether it's a few dollars or thousands, it's worth a check on-line to help tighten your budget and stretch your dollar.

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