SIU Board approves tuition increase

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The SIU Board of Trustees approved a 4.8 percent tuition hike at its meeting in Edwardsville Thursday morning.

SIU spokesman Tom Woolf says it works out to be an additional $375 dollars per year.

The increase will affect only new students, but comes on the heels of a fee increase for all SIUC students.

Some students say current tuition, $10,518 per year, is more than enough.

"I feel they're [students] about to struggle to pay for their education now," said SIU senior Anthony Franklin. "They've [SIU administration] been raising it since I got here."

Others say an SIU education is still a bargain.

"I think they do need to raise it up," said SIU freshman Mike Plotner. "It's low. It's definitely low. My sister went to U of I - that was more than here."

Chancellor Rita Cheng blames the need for a tuition hike on a decline in enrollment, cuts to state and federal funding and rising costs on campus.

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