Honeywell suspends production after finding damaged equipment

METROPOLIS, IL (KFVS) - Honeywell suspended production at its Metropolis plant after discovering damaged equipment.

A Honeywell spokesperson says they are not commenting on what type of equipment was damaged, but says that the damage was found during a routine inspection before it was put into service.

Officials said in an email on Friday afternoon, that an inspector from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was on site to observe the inspection process.

There was not a leak of any material.

According to Honeywell officials, a letter detailing how employees will be impacted as far as pay and benefits was given to employees and union officials on Friday afternoon.

Officials say during normal operations, the facility employs 338 people. Of that amount, 168 are hourly, union employees. The remaining 170 are salaried employees. In addition, the facility has approximately 100 contractors at any time doing maintenance and capital work.

During the inspection period, the plant will have 100 salaried employees involved in the inspections, as well as 90 contractors continuing to do capital work on the site unrelated to the inspection process, according to Honeywell officials.

The company has informed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the situation.

The company will not restart production until it is certain that the operations are safe.

John Paul Smith with the United Steel Workers 7-669 said he doesn't know how long the workers will be out, but has heard they could go back to work at early as next week.

The Honeywell spokesman says it would be irresponsible to presume the cause of the damage until the investigation is complete.

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