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Ivy Bailey

Ivy Bailey

Bloomfield High School

9th through 12th



"He is such a kind and wonderful art teacher. His jokes are amazing and he makes art fun."

"He is well loved and, more importantly, respected by not only his past and present students but his peers as well. He has a way of reaching and being able to teach students using great wit and his somewhat dry sense of humor."

"He is awesome. I co-teach with him and am constantly impressed by his dedication to students, his wisdom and his ability to stay calm in all situations.  He is more than deserving of being named on of the Heartland's Best."

"He is always professional in all of his tasks and has enriched the lives of every student he teaches."

"Even though I graduated in 1985 he is willing to come help me with a painting problem. He was always respectful to every student while in school and as an adult I have even more respect of the man he is."

 "I'm not a big fan of art but I enjoyed it in Mr. Bailey's class."

"Taking his classes were always so much fun. It's a class I always looked forward to each day. We never knew what creative project we would work on next."

"The sweetest and most hardworking teacher I ever had. He goes above and beyond for the students and the school."

"He has been dedicated to keeping up an enthusiastic work ethic and you can tell he is truly passionate about what he does. His artsy sense of humor never fails to brighten my day."

"He is a huge role model and asset for Bloomfield schools. He is truly an inspiring individual. He cares about teaching, his students, and his co-workers. He is an amazing person and really needs to be recognized for being one of the best."

"He is in his 43rd year of teaching. As a teacher myself that seems like an impossible feat. I believe that rare sense of humor and patience is what makes him one of the Heartland's Best."

"He is known for his 'Daily Bailey's,' little corny jokes to just make the days in school a little lighter. Ask anyone from Bloomfield, or that went to Bloomfield schools, he is one of the Heartland's Best."

"I've been out of school for 10 years and I still remember everything he taught us."

"He loves what he does and the students know he cares about them. Priceless."


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