Ted LeGrand

Ted LeGrand

Leopold High School

7th through 12th

History & Social Studies


"He really tries to get students involved in the subjects they're learning. He acts genuinely excited about each and every lesson and tries to find ways to get students to enjoy them, too."

"From watching in-depth videos about what's being taught, to hands-on activities, his history class is never dull.  Our class, in the past few years, has recorded pretend news broadcasts of historic events and made powerpoints about historic figures."

"Mr. LeGrand is all about history. He's full of knowledge. Not only is he a good teacher but an awesome friend."

"He is very well educated in his field and that makes us confident that we are learning from the very best. He's very patient with those who don't understand something."

"We all look forward to his class because we learn something new everyday. He always gets us well prepared for his tests."

 "Mr. LeGrand is always in a good mood. Every day we come into class he has a positive attitude and makes us in a better mood."

"He keeps the class from being boring by telling jokes. He is a fun loving teacher who deserved to be the Heartland's Best."

"He makes things more memorable by showing movies and letting us do hands-on activities."

"He always is at school first and leaves last. He tries his hardest to do his job to the best of his ability."

"He takes the time to make each class special. He finds extra things to get us involved in the topic."

"He truly cares about students and their well-being."

"He is always helpful. He makes sure you know the information well before giving any test about it. He is always upbeat and active.  He's just an overall great teacher."

"He knows how and when to have fun and when to work. He respects everyone equally."

"He's the Heartland's Best because he's the only teacher who can put up with me. He knows my sense of humor and always makes me smile. I would say my favorite thing about him is everything. I've never had a boring class with Mr. LeGrand."