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Regina Rainey

Regina Rainey

Zalma High School

9th through 12th

Family & Consumer Science


"She is the best teacher I've had in 13 years. Even when I graduate and have a question I'll be back to ask her because I know I'll get a straight forward, correct answer."

"She has many life skills that she has taught us, skills such as sewing, cooking, communication, leadership, etc. She is more that just a teacher to me. She is a friend. Mrs. Rainey is the best teacher in the Heartland."

"She goes the extra mile to help her students. She creates study guides and games to help us understand. She makes all her courses fun and exciting."

"She will do the best she can to help her students succeed."

"She's the most helpful teacher I've had. She cares about all her students and she's a blast! She gets right in there and shows us what to do and she doesn't give up on us."

 "She knows how to handle difficult situations. She makes you feel better about yourself and gives you the will power to do everything you set out to do."

"Mrs. Rainey is the greatest teacher ever because she does so much and gets students involved in all kinds of activities. She has her classes make lunch for the teachers and staff at school and has them do it as if they were a real catering business."

"She jokes around with me and is awesome."

"She is a kind and thoughtful person who does the best she can. She works hard at what she does and she is the best at what she does."

"She is always on top of things, whether it's helping students in class, working for our FCCLA chapter, or helping students with individual problems. She is always in a friendly mood which makes students look forward to going to class and learning."

"She teaches us the necessities we need to know in life and how to support ourselves and others."

"Mrs. Rainey is more than just a teacher to me. She becomes more like a mother. She is someone I go to talk to whenever I have a problem. She always can help me through things and gives the best advice."

"If I need help with an assignment she will drop everything to help me at a moment's notice."

"She is so grateful and full of life when it comes to teaching. She has taught my mom, myself, and now my younger sister. Besides being a high school teacher, she is also in many ways, like a life teacher. I graduated in 2008 and still turn to her everyday for advice. There is no gift in this world that would be greater than seeing her honored with something that she has deserved every year for the past 30 years. She truly is THE HEARTLAND'S BEST!!!"


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