Could your drive to work affect your health?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - You could be on the road to worse health, depending on how long you drive to work.

A new study found the longer commute people have to and from work, the less likely they are to work out, and therefore the bigger their waistline, and worse their heart health.

Dianne Lawrence, the Assistant Manager of Health and Fitness at Fitness Plus said there are a few things people can do at work or in the car to get a little exercise.

She suggested:

1. Diagonal push-ups using your desk as a base. You can also add an abs work-out by lifting one bent leg to the side with each push-up.

2. Squats using your chair; stand up and act like you're about to sit in your chair, but right before your gluteus maximums touches the chair, stand back up.

3. You can use supplies around the office like a stapler or a water bottle to do upper body exercises.

a. Shoulder press

b. Biceps curls

c. Triceps extensions

She even suggested a fun idea to use during your commute in the car.

"If you really get into singing in your car, you can actually get your heart rate up just a little bit, and people when they sing tend to move a little bit move their head, move their shoulders, they're going to move their legs to the beat of the music, so it's a simple way to help keep moving but it's a small thing that can make a big difference over time," said Lawrence.

Another suggestion, is to park your car far away from the entrance to work, to add a couple extra steps to your walk in.

Lawrence says it's important to keep moving.

"For one thing it helps keep you alert and awake when you're driving," said Lawrence. "When you're on a limited time frame, any amount of exercise you can get is helpful, the more exercise you do during the day really does help increase your life span, increase your activity level, and it makes you more alert."

Some people said they get their work out at work. They said their work is very physical, so even though they drive a ways to get to work, they get some exercise while on the clock.

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