School principal resigns after accused of friending students with fake Facebook account

CLAYTON, MO (KFVS) - A St. Louis area school principal has resigned after an accusation that she set up a fake Facebook profile to spy on students. reports that Clayton High School has named the associated principal as the interim principal.

According to a statement from the school district, the "administration and Losos had a fundamental dispute concerning the appropriate use of social media."

KMOV reports students at the school say they began receiving friend requests from a woman named Suzy Harriston. The account gained several hundred friends until a former student began telling others that Suzy Harriston was not a real person, but a fake profile created by Losos.

The account then reportedly disappeared, and Losos took a leave of absence from the school.

Teachers in that district can friend students on Facebook to communicate about class work and school activities.

Losos has been principal at Clayton High School since 2005. Her resignation was effective June 30.

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