Strawberry growers say this is the best season they've seen

BENTON, MO (KFVS) - Strawberry growers say this is the best season they've ever seen.

"Once in a lifetime, never seen a crop do this in the 20 years I've been doing strawberries," said Cameron Beggs with Beggs Berry World in Benton.

Beggs says it's the best strawberry season he can ever remember.

They lost their crop last year, due to so much rain.

This year more than makes up for it. It all started with the early spring.

"The plants were fooled into thinking it was spring," Beggs said. "The strawberry plant is temperature dependant. When it gets warm the strawberry shuts off. So it started to get warm and they stopped, got cold and started all over again. Kinda like the California extended season."

He says they'll get another new crop in about four weeks, then probably another in about five weeks. That's very unusual.

It's good for business as people can come and pick their own berries and enjoy some fresh strawberry pies and homemade berry ice cream.

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