Mommy makeovers deliver impressive results

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's true that children change lives forever and for the mothers that carry those children 9 months, the experience also changes the body! In Louisville and across the country a popular procedure to help women get back to that pre-pregnancy look is affectionately called the 'mommy make-over'.

"Oh my! It's unbelievable" Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Marc Salzman said, "don't know if it's the time of year, or my time of life or what's going on in Louisville, Kentucky! We do one or two of them a week, sometimes two of them in a day."

The mommy make-over typically involves lifting, tucking, reducing and/or enhancing two of the main body parts that are so important to being a mommy, the belly and the bosom.  

For Melissa Hooper, who is 38 and has four children, she says as soon as she knew she wouldn't have more kids she was ready to get it done.  

She'd gained as much as 50 pounds with her pregnancies and as she'd lose the weight, she noticed stretch marks and excess skin around her stomach along with added breast tissue that didn't go away.

She opted to have a tummy tuck and breast lift. Other women have the opposite problem and lose breast tissue. Often implants are part of the mommy-makeover.

Three months post surgery and Melissa went on a cruise and put on a bikini for the first time in 15 years. "What it does for you, your self esteem, your confidence, it's very well spent money."  

Depending on what the procedure involves, Dr. Salzman says patients can expect to spend between $10-$15,000. Downtime is around a week to have a tummy tuck, less for breast augmentation.

Melissa is writing a blog on her experience at:

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