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Emily Helman

Emily Helman

St. Henry School

3rd & 4th

All Subjects


"She is always the first teacher to arrive, usually before 7:00 a.m., and one of the last to leave. When students arrive in her classroom each day they find a neat, organized, home away from home. Throughout the day her students engage in many great activities. One of her signature teaching treasures is her ability to instill a love of reading in her students."

"Mrs. Helman finds many ways to encourage and excite her students. When students reach their individual accelerated reader goals, the whole class does a cheer and makes them feel special."

"I am in awe of her abilities. You will not find a better candidate for a Heartland's Best Teacher."

"She is one of the most selfless people I have been blessed to know. She truly has a heart for others, cares deeply for her students, co-workers and friends, is always willing to help, and is a wonderful teacher."

"She organizes really neat field trips. Also she has a very creative way of teaching. She is an amazing science teacher. If we make a bad grade on our math she takes time out of her day to help us make a better grade."

 "She always does something out of the ordinary that really makes us eager to learn. When we read 'Box Car Children' we all got to make our own box car, decorate them, and sit in them while we read the story."

"She is tough on us but that's only because she wants us to be the best we can. I have learned so much from Mrs. Helman. She is the greatest."

"In science when we learned about pulleys and motion, she let us make catapults and then we had a contest to see whose would shoot the farthest. I came in second."

"She is polite and nice to us. She does stuff that's right."


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