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Donna Davison

Donna Davison

DuQuoin Elementary School


All Subjects


"She teaches about love, peace, and harmony. She ties a blue ribbon on every 100 paper every time someone gets one.  She always and only has nice things to say. She is the best."

"She gives examples of her life growing up. The kids are always interested in what she has to share. She uses games for learning. She has a pretend dog that the kids take turns taking home and they get to share in a journal all of his experiences he has over the weekend."

"Mrs. Davison is a remarkable teacher. She is very patient, kind, and positive. My son can be a handful and a challenge with other teachers but she doesn't see that side of him. On certain tests, right beside the directions, she will write some personal message about how she knows they will do their best, or that she believes in them. She takes her time with each student to make sure they understand the material."

"The students all love Mrs. Davison. I call it 'the Davison experience.' It is so nice to have a teacher who embraces the children, loves what she is doing, and teaches the children to love one another. She is amazingly calm and perfect with the kids."

"She takes time almost every day to ask the kids to share some words of wisdom. She shares stories of her life and can take any game and turn it into a learning lesson."

"She sends a newsletter home each month letting parents know what's going on in the classroom. She often says how blessed she is to have our children.  I feel blessed that my daughter has such a caring and devoted teacher. Mrs. Davison is a gift from God. She promotes peace in the classroom. She helps the children with conflict resolution. She teaches them the art of forgiveness, and how important it is to show one another grace."


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