Weight Loss in a Bottle?

Derek Dickerson can eat whatever he wants on his diet plan. Because his approach to weight loss is in the little Metabolife-like pills. "I took it twice a day and you could really feel it on your body," says Dickerson.

Metabolife and other similar diet pills are meant to suppress the appetite in order to encourage weight loss. Derek liked this approach because he could eat whatever he wanted and the pills would just make him eat less. "I'd go to a big family dinner with pork steaks and mashed potatoes. I ate 1/2 a plate full where I usually it's a big plate full. I could definitely feel it," says Dickerson.

Nutrition expert Georgeann Syler, a professor at Southeast Missouri State University, agrees you will notice an appetite change, and there's a reason. "Metabolife is really an upper. It has ephedrine and ephedrine is an upper. It's from the same family as methamphetamine or amphetamine. It speeds up the metabolism," says Syler.

If you look at the label of Metabolife and other, similar pills, there are lots of warnings and strict guidelines on how much to take. Since it's a dietary supplement there's no regulation of these pills by the Food and Drug Administration. " Dangers include possible heart attack, stroke, seizures, there are a long list of warnings on the labels," says Syler.

While Derek did not have any of those serious symptoms, he says the pills did make him feel a little weak. "It almost drained my body, my legs were weak as far as my body. It felt like the flu, but my fiancee tried it and she never felt that way," says Derek

In the end Derek did lose a few pounds taking the pills, but he only took them for a little over three weeks.