Will The Show-Me State become the Great Rivers State?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - To Show-Me, or not to Show-Me. That is the question.

Missouri Senator John Lamping is proposing to change Missouri's state slogan from "The Show-Me State," to "The Great Rivers State." He says it showcases the state's heritage and attractions more than the current slogan. He says he wants the Division of Tourism to incorporate "The Great Rivers State" into its marketing to attract visitors.

Some people said they will go with the flow of the change, but others said they don't want anyone to show them a new slogan.

"I don't think it's a really good idea," said MJ Raney.

"I'd be all for changing it," said Tim Kirkpatrick.

The idea of a state slogan changed has brought up a river of flowing emotions.

"I don't like the Show-Me State, I never have, I've always thought that was a jab in the ribs, it was like show me the money," said Kirkpatrick.

While Kirkpatrick is on board with the slogan change, others are not.

"People already know from looking at a map that we've got the Mississippi River," said Kaleb Cowan.

"I love the river, I walk down here every morning, its great, it's beautiful, but Missouri has a lot more to show than just the river, so I think the Show-Me State is a pretty good slogan to keep," said Raney.

"It's going to be ignoring the people that don't live around the river and more centering around the people that do live in the river area," said Cowan.

"I don't know about attracting anybody with a state slogan, I don't think there's much to that," said Kirkpatrick.

"Definitely not, every state has rivers, Mississippi runs through pretty much the whole middle of them, so I don't think it's a good idea at all," said Raney.

"Lots of other states have rivers too, so I just wonder if it's not quite as unique as the Show-Me State," said Stacy Dohogne Lane with the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

She said even though some people think it might trivial, tourism is an important topic for lawmakers to discuss.

"Tourism is a major part of Missouri's economy, so anything we can do to maximize our efforts to bring people here, only benefits people all over the state," said Dohogne Lane.

But, she said she still likes the Show-Me State label.

"I would hate to see such a distinctive part of our state's history go away," said Dohogne Lane.

While lawmakers decide, Missourians wonder what tourism ads will show them?

"Maybe they ought to call it the casino state," said Kirkpatrick. "Then they'd show me the money."

The Senate approved the resolution. It is now scheduled for a hearing in a House Committee.

You can read more information on the resolution here.

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