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Becky Ford

Becky Ford

St. Vincent High School

10 through 12



"She keeps class alive and fun. I feel I have learned so much from her this year."

"She is simply amazing. She always has a smile on her face and is able to keep her students in line without having to crack a whip, all while staying calm, cool, and collected. She is the most intelligent person I have ever met. I'm totally convinced she is a human dictionary."

"She uses a lot of different perspectives to get a point across because not all students learn the same way."

"She helps us by pushing us to do better all the time. She encourages us to do our best."

"She is very funny and caring and wants to make sure we succeed. She is willing to discuss and talk about what we don't understand."

"My grades have improved so much because of her. She always comes to class with a smile and a good attitude. She treats us with respect."

"She knows how to make you enjoy learning. Everyday I look forward to her class because I always want to know what she has planned for us. She knows how to draw you into the class."

"She really gets down on the students' level to make sure we understand 100%."

"She's one of the best because of her love for the subject. She makes class fun and gets me excited for English. She's a new teacher at our school but already is my favorite."

"I used to hate English but now I look forward to it."

"I love the writing assignments we do and how energetic she is about learning."

"She knows how to create the perfect balance of fun and learning. She is my favorite teacher!"


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