Morehouse residents focus on flood recovery one year later

Morehouse one year ago.
Morehouse one year ago.
A year later, people say things are almost back to normal.
A year later, people say things are almost back to normal.
Some buildings were condemned.
Some buildings were condemned.

MOREHOUSE, MO (KFVS) - Morehouse celebrates recovery this weekend, one year after a shocking flood devastated the town.

"My son-in-law came barreling through that back door and he said water's coming!" remembers Anita VanBrook.

VanBrook says it was a day that changed her life.

"It hit really hard and you don't know how to prepare and as fast as it was coming we were doing everything we could to save our stuff," said VanBrook.

People in Morehouse recall flood waters rising before the eyes of the community. It started with Senior Center evacuations, and by noon the next day water threatened countless city buildings and homes.

"I was just worried about my family," said 11-year-old, Jayden Harris.

Eventually they learned where the water was coming from. As flooding gripped the region, the Missouri Department of Transportation built a levee to keep Highway 60 open. It was a decision MoDOT representatives say they made for the greater good. However, people in Morehouse say it was a call that ended up flooding their town.

"I just hope it never happens again," said VanBrook.

A year later, people say things are almost back to normal. That's thanks to assistance from FEMA, but mainly from each other.

"We've come a long say," said Matthew Morrison. "We lost so much. It basically took the whole town to put this place back together."

Signs do persist. You can see high water lines on fences and homes. Some buildings were condemned. It's all just battle scars, people say. Now they rejoice in new found strength, and resolve to never let mother nature get the best of them.

"I just hope everyone is prepared if a flood ever comes again,' said Harris.

People also credit flood recovery to community churches and hundreds of volunteers.

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