Scores of motorcycles at 20th Annual 'Blessing of the Bikes'

The all day event is hosted by the Christian Motorcycle Association.
The all day event is hosted by the Christian Motorcycle Association.

ALTO PASS, IL (KFVS) - Scores of motorcyclists turned out for the 20th Annual Blessing of Bikes on Sunday at Bald Knob Cross in Alto Pass.

Each of them seeking a blessing and a prayer for a safe riding season ahead. Many of those who ride say they know all to well the dangers they face every time they get on their bikes.

"As far as the technology that increases with our cell phones people are doing more things in the car instead of paying attention," said Leo McElrath IV from Cape Girardeau. "There's a lot more people pulling out in front of us. There's the dead animals in the road. And I see a lot of people throwing trash out their windows. Something as simple as a lit cigarette butt hitting you in the eye can cause us a lot of problems."

The all day event is hosted by the Lord's Paheece Chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association. And after each prayer and blessing of the riders they were given a wooden cross to carry with them out on the road.

Because as some riders say, you never know what's around the next corner in the road.

"There's more motorcycles on the road then there ever has been before," said Chad Nalley with the Christian Motorcycle Association. "As the motorcycles increase during the summertime it's just best that all of us look out for motorcycles. And even as motorcyclists we need to look out for cars. We drive on the defensive."

The event began at 8 a.m. with the message beginning at 1 p.m., organizers expected more than 5,000 riders to take part in this years 'Blessing of the Bikes.'

On a side note, riders also had their choice of a bowl of chili or road kill stew and fellowship with other riders.

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