Ark. murder suspect found in Dunklin County

Don Airsman, Jr. (Source: Dunklin County Sheriff's Office)
Don Airsman, Jr. (Source: Dunklin County Sheriff's Office)
Deputies spotted the truck on Anderson Street (Source: Daily Dunklin Democrat).
Deputies spotted the truck on Anderson Street (Source: Daily Dunklin Democrat).

HORNERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Authorities have found a man accused of an Arkansas murder in Hornersville, Missouri.

According to Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder, Don Airsman, Jr., 30, was charged with first degree murder after he allegedly killed someone in Hempsted, Arkansas.

According to the Dunklin County Sheriff's Office, they were notified by the Hempsted County Arkansas Sheriff's Office about Airsman around 5 p.m.

Holder says Airsman, Jr. is accused of murdering someone and then allegedly put the person's body in the trunk and took the body to Texarkana where he parked the car and set it on fire.

Airsman, Jr. then fled to Hornersville where his father lives, according to the sheriff.

Hempstead County Arkansas deputies asked the Dunklin County Sheriff Office for assistance in looking for Airsman, Jr. driving in a white pickup truck in Hornersville.  Deputies spotted the truck at his father's house on Saturday night on Anderson Street in Hornersville.  Deputies then went up to the house and arrested Don Airsman, Jr.

Airsman, Jr. was taken to the Dunklin County Jail on Saturday night where Dunklin County authorities received a warrant from Hempsted County charging him with first degree murder.

Holder says the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office flew a couple of deputies to Dunklin County Saturday night, and spoke with Airsman, Jr. about the incident.  Law enforcement also spoke with Airsman's father.

The sheriff's office took possession of Airsman's pickup truck until Hempsted Sheriff's Office and Arkansas State Police came and took the vehicle, according to Holder.

Airsman will be returned to Arkansas authorities, according to Holder.

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