Jeanette Wachter

Jeanette Wachter

Chaffee Jr. & Sr. High Schools

7 through 12

Computer Business


"If you're having trouble with something, she will sit down with you, put her arm around you, and help you through the problem."

"She has a gift that many teachers don't. That gift is getting to know and understand each of her students on a personal level."

"I can't wait to get to her class everyday and see her charming face. Please, please pick her!"

"She is very nice and would help anyone with anything. She stays after school to help us."

"I have had the pleasure of not only working with Mrs. Wachter, but also being one of her former students. She is an amazing teacher, person, friend, and co-worker. She is one of the kindest, most caring, and dedicated educators that I know."

"She is always here in the evenings helping students with their work and FBLA activities."

"...she teaches with her heart. She loves every student and truly cares for every single one. She makes time for everyone even though she has a million things to do."

"She will stop in the middle of anything she's working on to help a student."

"...I really look forward to her class at the end of the day because I know when I get there she will have a fun lesson that will educate me for the future.  She listens to her students' opinions and understands where they are coming from."

"She has different methods of teaching for each individual student.  It's like she takes time to understand you as a person, and then uses that to help you understand what she is saying."

"Please pick her. She deserves it more than anyone!"

"...she always helps with FBLA, goes out of her way to help with track meets, and a bunch of other stuff."

"She's the sweetest person I've ever met. She's so caring and so helpful and generous."