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Verlin Mangels

Verlin Mangels

Saxony Lutheran High School

9 through 12



"He always tries his best so that every one of us can get good grades. He knows when to be serious and when to have a little fun.  He's always willing to help you."

"He's really good at explaining things and will do whatever it takes so that we can understand."

"He keeps a strict list of classroom rules but is also very fun and exciting. He is such a great teacher because he has all of his students' respect."

"He helps us learn by giving us valuable information in easy to learn formats.  He uses diagrams, videos, and experiments to help us better understand the topics he is teaching."

"He's one of the most respected adults around school. He knows how to keep his classes under control but also knows how to crack jokes and make us laugh."

"He is a very wise man, always knowing what he's talking about. He's a very hard worker. He always gets our homework and tests graded in a timely fashion."

"He always offers time for students to come see him before or after school if they need help."

"He has lots of good stories to help us pay attention in class."

"...he loves, and is passionate, about what he does. He is always energetic about teaching and is always willing to adjust his teaching plans based on how we are learning it. I enjoy his class everyday."

"When we ask questions he feels he can't fully answer, he will spend time that night researching it so he can answer it."

"He is using technology to teach and increase class participation."

"His goal is to help every student be successful in life. He puts 120% effort into his job and he expects his students to do the same."

"He's trustworthy and responsible and loves his job. He takes pride in his work."


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