Home invasion victims tied up with cords, had pillow cases over heads

FULTON, KY (KFVS) - Fulton Police are investigating a morning home invasion after the victims were tied up with belts and cords with pillow cases put over their heads.

According to Chief Terry Powell, the home invasion happened in the 200 block of Fourth Street in Fulton, Kentucky.

Powell says a husband and wife with a 4 year old were awakened this morning with by the loud noise of their back door being forced open.

Four black males entered into their bedroom with a firearm demanding money, according to Powell.

Powell says the intruders took the two victims to the child's room and tied their hands behind their backs.  He says the suspects used  belts, electrical appliances cords and phone lines that they had cut.  The chief says the suspects then pulled the pillow cases from the pillows and placed them over the victims' heads.

The intruders ravaged the house looking for money, according to Powell. The chief says the intruders made comments of killing the two victims, but one of the four intruders stated that he did not want to kill them because they were in the child's bedroom with the child and that he had children.

Powell says the victims managed to get their hands free and called the Fulton Police Department after the suspects left the scene.

The chief says police arrived on the scene shortly before 4 a.m.

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