Does it Work Wednesday: Insta Hang

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Robin Dial's friends call her a "blind-ologist." in other words, she's a master at hanging mini blinds and pictures with her business, Designs and Blinds.

Sometimes, she hangs 50 pictures a week. So, when she saw ads for Insta Hang, she thought the all-in-one tool could instantly help her.

"It's a one-piece tool. I could carry this out to the job with a pack of nails, tacks. That's all I need."

It's supposedly as "easy as 1-2-3." Just load the included nails, use the level on the Insta Hang tool, and press.

"Pretty neat, huh?" Robin said as she gave the Insta Hang a quick pat and a nail popped out onto the wall.

On our second try though, we already run into a jam.

"Uh oh. It didn't come out."

Robin figures out how to properly feed the next nail through, and it works again.

"It's just like a staple gun. They jam."

Remember, Robin does interior design for a living. So, her marks are very precise. Insta Hang's...are not.

"Man, I missed that by an inch!"

Unlike with a nail you hold and then hammer into place, with Insta Hang, you can't really see your mark. You can get close, but that's worth keeping in mind.

"For the homeowner, it'd be fine."

Robin does like this for quick jobs, instead of carting in a bunch of tools. Each peg only holds up to ten pounds, so this won't do heavy framing.

Here's something else to square up: we're not exactly sure where to buy the special nails for this tool. A starter kit comes with 36. So, we  don't think is going to replace the nail and hammer anytime soon.

"It'll just take some getting used to."

Robin, you hit the nail on the head! Insta Hang may not be a staple in everybody's home, but it seems to work fine.

"Probably a B minus."

The $14 tool tacks on a B minus on this Does it Work test.  Lauren bought Insta Hang at Dollar General.

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