New SEMO athletic director reacts to possible hazing by players

Mark Alnutt, new SEMO Athletic Director
Mark Alnutt, new SEMO Athletic Director

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Ten Southeast Missouri State University football players were involved in a possible hazing incident by other players, according to a university Department of Public Safety incident report.

A member of the university football team reported a possible hazing to campus police on Saturday, April 14,  according to Diane O. Sides, Assistant to the President at Southeast Missouri State.

According to the University, DPS reports that on Friday, April 13, around 10 members of the football team were alleged to have engaged in an incident in the team locker room at Houck Stadium.

Several players had their arms, legs and mouths duct taped, according to the University.  As the players tried to remove the duct tape, they were carried to the football field by other players. 

According to the University, two of the student athletes were allegedly duct taped together on the football field at their waists and legs.

The incident lasted around 10 minutes and the students who were duct taped together were assisted by other players in removing the tape, according to Sides.

According to the University, campus police referred the incident to the Cape Girardeau County prosecuting attorney's office and the prosecutor refused to press formal charges against  those involved.

The incident was then referred to the University's Office of Student Conduct for judicial review, according to the University.  However, the University states, because disciplinary proceedings are pending against the students involved, under Chapter 610 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), no other information about this case can be released.

"That's something I need to be briefed on more," said Mark Alnutt, new SEMO Athletic Director. "I know that President Dobbins and also Cindy Gannon are very aware of it. My reaction to that is something like that doesn't belong in collegiate athletics.  Once that investigation is completed we will have the opportunity to see what happens from a discipline standpoint, what happens next."

Any form of hazing is against the University's Code of Conduct, according to Sides.

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