Man carrying cross from Arkansas to St. Louis

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - If you have traveled on Highway 25 lately you may have noticed an interesting sight.

A man with a cross over his shoulder on a 200 mile quest with a message to share.

His name is Thomas Moore.  This trip he is carrying his 12 foot homemade cross from Arkansas to St. Louis.

"Boy does Jesus love ya," said Moore. He tells Heartland News that is his message for all.

This isn't his first trip. He's made 17 treks across different parts of the country.

He says God told him to take on this journey. When he met us in Malden he asked the same thing he asks everyone: "Have you accepted Jesus into your heart?"

Along the way, lots of people stop and talk to him about faith and love.

"I meet so many people," said Moore.

He says whatever he needs for his travels, God provides including a place to sleep each night.

"It depends, sometimes I stay in a hotel when God provides finances and I get a way back to my vehicle at the end of each day," Moore said. "I believe God puts it on somebody's heart to take me back to my vehicle usually after 4 o'clock. Sometimes I sleep right on the ground under the cross."

He does have a tarp and supplies build into the cross. He also has his car waiting for him several miles back. Some days he gets a ride to it. Some days he doesn't. The next day he picks up where he left off the day before.

He takes the 200 mile trip to St. Louis one step at a time.  He expects to make it sometime in June.

At home in Arkansas his wife takes care of the ministry, and waits patiently for him to return.

If you see him he invites you to stop and talk.

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