Miner gas station clerk speaks out about armed robbery

MINER, MO (KFVS) - Miner police said they're still looking for who broke into Larry's Pit Stop, twice.

The store was first hit March 25, 2012 and a second time on April 6, 2012. Miner Police Chief Chris Griggs said they do not believe the robberies are related.

When thieves hit the store in March, police say a white male, and two black males flashed a weapon and demanded money.

Kimberly was working at the shop during the most recent break in. For her safety, we will only use her first name.

"I just yelled, I'm being robbed, I'm being robbed," said Kimberly.

She said she was in the cooler, while the other clerk was in the store.

"When I came out of the cooler, one pushed me into the back door, knocked me on the ground, started kicking me, pulling my hair," said Kimberly.

She said two men broke into the store.

"The one that was hitting me on the back of the head, I'm still having nightmares about, he was so violent, I've never seen someone so violent," said Kimberly.

She said the men demanded money.

"He started yelling at me that I was a liar, that there was no money in the bag and that we were lying and stuff, and he started yelling at me, and hitting me in the back of the head with a pistol," said Kimberly.

Kimberly said she couldn't believe what was happening.

"I was thinking, how could they be so violent, and do something like this to us," said Kimberly. "I've been here 9 years, I've never been robbed, Larry's one of the best bosses I've ever had"

Even though another clerk was in the store with her, Kimberly said she didn't feel safe until the men were gone.

"Me and her just kept looking at the floor, and they ran out the door, and after I seen them leave the door I see a car pull up and I knew we were safe," said Kimberly.

She said the old saying, there's strength in numbers for safety, seems to be a myth.

"A lot of people say well there's two of you there, well you know, if one's holding a gun to the other's head, and the other's struck behind you beating you with a pistol what can you do," said Kimberly.

She said even with all the commotion, she couldn't get her kids out of her head.

"My kids, my kids....I have four kids....I just, you know,...I was thinking that I wasn't going to see my kids again," said Kimberly.

Now Kimberly said she wants justice.

"Just for peace of mind you know that they're not out there going to do something to someone else," said Kimberly. "They didn't get me down, I'm a woman of strength."

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