SIU students march for child abuse awareness

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - April is the month that many communities across the nation and here in the Heartland take time to bring awareness to children who are abused.

And on Saturday afternoon dozens of Southern Illinois University students marched around their campus to show their concern and to learn more about child abuse.

"I hope that people realize that child abuse is a serious problem," said Nicolettee Winn a junior psychology major and abuse survivor. "And also that children who are being abused understand that people care about them. And realize they can seek help."

Speaking out about out the abuse is the first step for many children that can be hard to take. And that is why abuse counselors at The Women's Center in Carbondale say it's important for adults to listen.

"Children can heal from it. But they may not forget about it," said Patti Weyhrich, child therapist at The Women's Center. " But a really significant factor in a child healing from any kind of abuse is, when they know they've got an adult who is going to be there to help them and believe them."

Winn wanted to bring her message of awareness about child abuse to her fellow college classmates to help them understand how they can help kids who have been, or are being abused.

"I think it's very important for a college age student to understand child abuse. Because we can also serve as a role model to children and teens who maybe going through a situation. And we can help them see that they can get out of that situation and succeed."

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