Family says work-place altercation put man in coma

SUNFIELD, IL (KFVS) - A Perry County man is in a hospital on life support after an apparent work-place beating.

Perry County Sheriff Keith Kellerman says the incident is under investigation, but no one's been arrested.

The sheriff says some sort of altercation happened Monday morning at Kellerman Powder Coating north of DuQuoin in Sunfield.

Jorge Perez's Family members say he is in a coma at a St. Louis hospital.

Perez suffered trauma to his face and head. Family members say he remains in critical condition and has undergone numerous emergency skull and brain surgeries in recent days.

Family members say the alleged altercation involved a co-worker.

Perez's boss Jeff Kellerman briefly said he was out of town Monday when the incident took place. Jeff Kellerman says Jorge is a "great guy" his "number one man" and he says it's hard to run the business without him.

The business owner also says the employee allegedly involved in the altercation has been terminated.

Sheriff Kellerman would not say whether they had any suspects.

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