Family shocked by man's murder for hire plot

61-year-old Roger Young
61-year-old Roger Young

SALINE COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The family of a rural Saline County man is shocked by allegations that he tried to have his wife of 40 years killed.

Court documents show 61-year-old Roger Young filed for divorce last August and separated from wife, 61-year-old Linda Young. But a close relative acting as a family spokesperson says they got back together in October, halted divorce proceedings and have been living together since.

The family spokesperson, who wished to withhold her name, says the couple had been "squabbling" off and on, but tells me there hadn't been any explosive fights to speak of.

Court documents claim Roger Young allegedly met with someone at the couple's Eldorado home Saturday and hatched a plot to end Linda's life in exchange for $5,100.

The family spokesperson says the plan was apparently to somehow stage a deadly car wreck and subsequent car fire that would result in Linda Young's death.

The family source says the would-be assassin was actually an undercover police officer. She says Illinois State Police told her they have audio and video surveillance of the deal going down.

Police arrested Roger Young Saturday night outside the Eldorado American Legion.

According to the family source: Linda Young is "very upset" and "trying to handle this as best she can".

Linda Young is now filing for divorce and has requested an order of protection against husband, roger young.

Linda Young's petition for the order of protection states that her husband is seeking someone to bail him out of jail, and she "fears for her life"

For now, Roger Young remains in the Saline County Detention Center on $1 million bond.

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