TBI releases campus crime report

(KFVS) - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released its "Crime on Campus 2011" report which shows a 4.2% increase of crime statewide on Tennessee's campuses.

That comes after a decrease in reported offenses for 2010.

The state saw a decrease of crime on campus every year between 2004 and 2008 with a slight increase in 2009.

There were 7,493 offenses reported in 2011 compared with 7,190 in 2010, a 4.2% increase overall. Violent crime was also up nearly 20% for a second year in a row.

See this overview of reported offenses from the Tennessee Bureau of Crime:

  • Drug/Narcotics and drug equipment violations have increased yearly since 2008 for a total increase of approximately 47% with 2010 to 2011 having the largest increase of nearly 26%. There were 772 of these type of offenses reported in 2011.
  • There was a 47% increase in forcible sex offenses reported from the previous year and an increase in the number of reported rapes with 20 reported overall.
  • 37% of all 2011 offenses reported were categorized as larceny/theft which is an increase from 2010. However, there was an overall decrease of 3% since 2009.
  • Overall, assault offenses increased by 6.5% with aggravated assaults being down and simple assaults increasing.
  • Theft of motor vehicle offenses have declined nearly 25% since 2009.
  • DUI violations have decreased 25% since 2008.

All colleges and universities are mandated to report crime statistics to TBI.

To view a full copy of the "Crime on Campus 2011" report, including statistics from each individual institution, go to http://www.tbi.tn.gov and click on "Statistical Analysis Center" from the "Tennessee Crime Statistics" button on TBI's homepage.

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