Report: Skin cancer on the rise

It's an alarming number.  Melanoma cases in women under the age of 40 are eight times higher now than just 30 years ago.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic blame tanning beds for the dramatic increase.

Experts say young women are more likely to expose themselves to harmful UV rays in hopes of achieving that bronzed look.

A major government study published last week reported that while new cases of many of the most common cancers are declining, melanoma cases are increasing.

Salon owner Terrie Hellman says she doesn't think tanning beds are to blame.

"I believe that they just did a study in general of melanoma," Hellman said. "They didn't do it on people who are using tanning beds. It wasn't tanning bed specific."

Researchers say that childhood sunburns are also partially to blame for the increase in skin cancer cases.

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