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Mega Millions Mania hits the Heartland


Clerks in the Heartland were swamped with customers wanting Mega Millions lotto tickets Friday.

"It's been a busy day to say the least," said Huck's Gas Station worker Nate Roth. "Every time a jackpot's big you always see everybody coming in the last day."

"Hoping that means they'll win," said Helen Willis in reference to the last minute buyers.

"The jackpot is so high, I could use that money," said Mega Millions Lotto player Carol.

"I wanted to be part of the excitement, and if you don't play, then you can't win," said Mega Millions Lotto player Jan Chrisman.

Chrisman is just one of the many people that rarely buy lottery tickets, but decided to Friday, increasing the number of people shops normally see.

"I typically do not play the lottery, but I just wanted to be a part of it today," Chrisman.

Roth says on average, people spent about $20-$30 dollars each on tickets, but he says some people spent hundreds of dollars.

"Everybody wants to get rich, and if you can spend $5 dollars and get rich, it's the easiest way to do it," said Roth.

"I don't know how you can not be crazy, I mean that's a huge jackpot I mean it's almost a million dollars, a billion dollars, I mean that's unheard of," said Carol.

"I saw that it was up to $640 [million] and it was the first time that its been I think this high, so I was like oh I need to stop and do that before I go home," said Chrisman.

Everyone is waiting to see just who has a winning ticket.

"I think it's going to be interesting to see, I hope more than one person wins," said Carol.

"Asking for us to wish them luck, hoping for the best, saying they'll come back and remember us if they do win, which would be nice," said Roth.

"I believe in thinking positive, even if I have to split it 3 or 4 ways that's ok," said Willis.

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