Oak Ridge to vote on $1.5 million school bond issue

OAK RIDGE, MO (KFVS) - You'll remember the Oak Ridge School District from recent stories.  A district affected by the February 29 tornado. Insurance is handling the damage from that.

Now the school needs to focus on other lingering problems.  Like an aging roof at the elementary school for example.

According to the district superintendent its deteriorating, cracking, and could soon become a big problem.

They also want to update the windows, heating and air, and electrical upgrades.

It's a $1.5 million bond issue.

Officials say it won't increase the current property tax levy, meaning tax payers won't see it drop off in the coming years either.

The superintendent says not voting yes could hurt taxpayers' pocketbooks down the road.

"By not doing so we would have to look at using local dollars potentially a possible tax increase if things aren't taken care of now and we have to try to do them on an emergency basis," said Superintendent Dr. Gerald Landewee.

He calls it a safety concern saying they want to be proactive rather than reactive.

This issue will be on next Tuesday's April 3 ballot.

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