Many people report finding snakes

This timber ratter was found at Lake Wappapello (Source: cNews Hap Smith)
This timber ratter was found at Lake Wappapello (Source: cNews Hap Smith)
Whitewater, MO (Source: cNews Anita and Tim Rhodes)
Whitewater, MO (Source: cNews Anita and Tim Rhodes)
Sikeston, MO (Source: cNews Allen Baker)
Sikeston, MO (Source: cNews Allen Baker)

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - Snakes have been a big talker on the KFVS12 Facebook page. Viewers report running into snakes big and small just about everywhere, out on walks, while doing yard work, and near homes.

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A Chaffee housing agency warned its 145 residents on the south side of Chaffee to watch out for some new slithering neighbors.  The apartments are near a lake at the city park.

Executive Director of the Chaffee Housing Authority Patricia Lizenbee says she got complaints from residents about the snakes and talked to police.  She then gave the notices about the snakes to the apartment residents.

Chaffee's police chief says they have gone out looking for the snake nest, but called the Missouri Department of Conservation to help.

Some kids in the area tell Heartland News they've seen snakes while out playing.

"Scary," said 5-year-old Mariah Williams.

"It was cool," said 7-year-old Makenna Metz.

"It was awesome, but kind of scary," said 9-year-old Mackenzy Glueck.

"We're going to show the lake where the snakes are, where they live," said Rebekah Hollingsworth.

Hollingsworth is just one of the people that says snakes are slithering through the neighborhood on the south side of Chaffee.

"I've seen snakes down there before, but never that many so I was thinking, maybe there's a nest somewhere," said Rodney Patterson.

"They're coming in through the fence there, the grass was higher yesterday, the mowed the grass today," said Hollingsworth.

The Housing Authority put a notice on the doors of all 145 people that live in the area, letting them know about the possibility of a cotton mouth snake nest nearby.

"The sidewalk right there the second one is where I found a snake when the mower came by, and it was freshly ground and mowed," said Hollingsworth.

"With someone we used to go down there and we saw a snake sleeping," said Williams.

The homes sit near a city lake, which is a possible home for the snakes.

"It is pretty dangerous, there's a lot of kids that play ball down there," said Patterson.

"He's not here right now because he doesn't want to be in the backyard, he's afraid," said Hollingsworth describing her son's aversion to playing in the backyard.

Hollingsworth says not only is her son afraid of the snakes, but she's scared for him to be around them.

"The backyard is not safe anymore for him, it's not just a bumble bee that's going to come and sting him, it's just that I've got to be ready to get in the car and take him to the hospital," said Hollingsworth.

Patterson says he's worried for his dogs.

"I don't take them down there anymore right now, I'm worried about that," said Patterson.

"If they bite you, you could get really hurt," said Devon Rose.

"They might try to eat you, try to bite you, and try to kill you," said Metz.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) says it's possible the snakes are just water snakes.

But parents, still want the kids to make sure they think twice.

"Since we play out here and stuff we have to be careful," said Glueck.

A spokesperson at the MDC says they see more snakes this time of year because they're coming out of hibernation.

The MDC says if you see a snake it is best just to leave it alone and to call the department.

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