New skin care line targets hormonal aging

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - From the time women reach their late 20s, they're losing estrogen.  It's a decline that impacts more than fertility, it's at the very root of how women look and feel.  

Louisville Gynecologist, Dr. Rebecca Booth, and her sister, beauty industry veteran Cecil Booth, just launched a new skin care line designed to target the effects of this so-called hormonal aging.

VENeffect may in fact, be the bottled youth so many women have been searching for.

"What makes us attractive, it's often meant to reflect our hormonal status. And it's really that simple." Dr. Booth said.  

She explained natures itinerary in her best selling book, 'The Venus Week', "It is efficient for us to look more radiant when we're more fertile, so it is really true that estrogen generates more collagen in the skin."

Figuring out the connection between estrogen and the loss of collagen, was actually Cecil's 'ah-ha' moment.  "Because in all my experiences, I hadn't heard the direct relationship between estrogen and collagen." Cecil said.

It took six years to develop the skin care line, "We were really dealing with something very different here scientifically." Cecil said.  The products contain the strongest and most potent phytoestrogens they could source and purify.

"Phytoestrogen mimic estrogen and they literally lock on to the estrogen receptor which then activates the cell in the collagen or in the dermis and epidermis to make more elastin and hyaluronic acid, literally the building blocks of a glow in the skin and collagen of the skin itself," Dr. Booth said.

76 volunteer test subjects used the products for six weeks and most reported significant results. "Within two weeks, at least half noticed their wrinkles and evidence of their wrinkles diminishing and after 4 weeks, 90% noted significant improvement." Dr. Booth said.

Debra Hensley was part of the test group and has continued to use the product. "The lines around my eyes, there were days it was as if they just disappeared." Hensley said.

Peggy Heuser, who shares she went through menopause 2 years ago,  has been using the products for three weeks and she's already convinced it's working. "The first time I applied it, there was this glow." It's a glow that reportedly stays with the user all day.

Kelly Cohen also saw immediate results and within a couple of weeks, "I'm seeing diminished lines around my eyes and lips."

Dr. Booth said the products are safe, that even a woman with active cancer would have no worries when used topically, "this will not effect the bloodstream." Booth said.

There are 4 products in the line, a lip treatment, an eye treatment, a moisturizer with SPF and an intensive creme moisturizer.  

VENeffect is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and online.

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