Search crews recover body of missing 4-year-old Arkansas boy

Caleb Linn
Caleb Linn

FULTON COUNTY, AR (KFVS) - A sad ending to a story we covered all week.

Search crews found the body Wednesday of a 4-year-old who went missing at a Boy Scout camp in Fulton County, Arkansas.

Four-year-old Caleb Linn was at the Boy Scout camp with his aunt and cousins for a cleanup project.

Caleb went to catch up with older kids at Camp Kia Kima Scout Reservation, but he never got to them.

Teams of over 300 searchers and volunteers from Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee combed over 900 acres of land, air and water since Saturday.

Sheriff Buck Foley told Heartland News that search teams in a half dozen canoes set out Wednesday morning around 8 a.m. on the Spring River.  Searchers called two hours later to say they believed they found the boys body.  Soon afterwards it was confirmed by the coroner that it was Caleb.

Foley says Caleb's body was found close to where they had feared he had fallen in the river.

Searchers told Heartland News that they had hoped for a miracle, but feared with river levels up the current would be too much.

"I think he just slipped and ended up in the river," said searcher Jim Counts. "It was way up and a grown person couldn't have stood the current."

He told Heartland News that his heart just sank when he learned the news.

"It was really difficult for everyone involved, it being a child," said Counts. "We are sorry it ended like it did. But, we are glad we have his body."

Even those with years of experience say it is hardest when you lose a child.

"My main concern is for the lady who was taking care of the little kids," said Counts. "I can tell is just ripping her apart."

Volunteers and searchers say their hearts are with Caleb's family and aunt.

The Arkansas State Police are now in charge of the investigation.

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