SIU controversy between president and board of trustee members

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The volleys in an ongoing controversy between SIU President Glenn Poshard, a board of trustee member and the former chairman of the board continued on Tuesday.

According to Poshard the problems on the SIU Board of Trustee Board began shortly after Dr. Roger Herrin was elected chairman of the board this past year.

"The idea of Mr. Herrin and Mr. Lowery are we are the board. If we tell you to do something get it done," said Poshard.

Things really heated up this past week when the SIU Board of Trustees voted to not reinstate Dr Herrin in the chairman's seat.

Poshard says that board member Donald Lowery has called upon him to step down. And that both men have called into question Poshard's leadership of the university.

"There's no failed leadership academically or financially here. And we have the data and the facts to prove that," said Poshard.

Poshard says the two men have been bullying and intimidating other board members over the past ten months. And that the Illinois Governor's Office got involved in the re-election process of Dr. Herrin, before last weeks board meeting.

"The governor's staff put in calls to board members that did not vote for Mr Herrin asking them, trying to pressure them into voting for his as chairman. I was personally called into a meeting with the Chief of Staff and Deputy Governor to ask me personally to get those other board members to support Roger Herrin, as I did the previous year. And I said no."

Now Dr. Herrin is concerned about whether or not the board can find a way to work together again for the good of the university.

"It seems that the position that we're in today is they're wanting to make it personal," said Dr. Herrin. "This is not nor should it be personal. I am for those students to get an education at the lowest possible cost. That means running an efficient operation, keeping good faculty there. We have faculty there that should not be leaving."

"I wonder if our division is not so wide or deep that I'm not sure how we can mesh together to work as a united board. I will work for this university," said Dr. Herrin.

SIU President Poshard says he isn't going anywhere for now.

"My leadership has been one of a positive nature on this university. And I'm going to continue to serve as long as I can serve. And if they want to remove me in some way or another that's their prerogative," said Poshard.

Both Dr. Herrin and Lowery have another five years left on their six year appointment to the SIU Board of Trustees. All members of the board are appointed by the governor.

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