Pain at the pump, SUV into building, religious freedom rally

How much did you pay at the pump last time you filled up?  We asked viewers to send us pictures of their pain at the pump through cNews.  One person sent us proof of a $108 gas bill.  AAA reports the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded rose another tenth of a cent to $3.90.

A little too much gas was used this afternoon in Sikeston as a woman drove her SUV into the UPS building.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

Thousands of people gathered at the Missouri Capitol today to rally against federal health care policies and state legislation affecting workers.  About 60 people loaded a bus in Fruitland early this morning to go to the rally.

Rescue and volunteer workers found missing 4-year-old Caleb Linn's green and orange shirt this afternoon.  The boy has been missing from the 900 acre Kia Kima Boy Scout Camp in Arkansas since Saturday.

Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard says he's no bully.  His defense comes after members of the Board of Trustees accuse him of using "strong arm tactics" to get his way.  Arnold Wyrick was at a press conference at the university today and tells us what was said.

A homeowner was able to escape a house fire overnight in Cape Girardeau.  This was the third fire in that neighborhood in 10 days.

Illinoisans who have unpaid traffic tickets or other bills could be in for a surprise when they get their state income tax refunds.

Missouri voters would nominate and elect the governor and lieutenant governor as a single ticket under legislation endorsed by a state Senate committee.

Police in western Kentucky are investigating after satanic signs were scrawled on a church in western Kentucky.

Two students were cited after marijuana and vodka was found during a K-9 drug sweep at Lone Oak High School.

The American Red Cross says Illinois residents who recently received tattoos or are planning them in the future may no longer have to wait before donating blood.

Travelers on the U.S. 51 Ohio River bridge in western Kentucky between Wickliffe, Ky., and Cairo, Ill., may encounter some delays for about a week while several sections of guardrail are repaired and replaced.

They're rare in Missouri, but they're dangerous, and state Department of Conservation officials are offering a few tips if you encounter a mountain lion.

Temperatures in March broke thousands of records in the Midwest, but farmers and gardeners may still want to be cautious about planting early.  Experts at the Midwestern Regional Climate Center in Champaign say the possibility of a freeze in April remains high. A freeze would put early seedlings and plants at risk.

A community walk through Joplin's tornado-ravaged neighborhoods will mark the 1-year anniversary of the deadly May 22 tornado.

An officer at Whiteman Air Force Base says B-2 stealth bombers soon will be undergoing the biggest and most complex update in the plane's history.

An auction begins today in St. Louis for one of the biggest prizes in all of sports collectibles, the 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card.

Check out this picture a viewer sent into cNews of a bee hive in Bertrand, Mo.

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