Does it Work Wednesday: Magic Mesh

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - "It always gets off track."

Mina Wheelis's screen door easily annoys her. She's definitely interested in the promise made by makers of Magic Mesh.  Just throw up the mesh screen door and instantly the magnets snap back in place, allowing fresh air inside and bugs kept outside, but Does it Work?

Supposedly, it only takes seconds to install. Apparently that means "several seconds" because Mina and I had re-adjust this mesh screen several times.

It's only sticky Velcro tabs holding this screen to your door frame, although the makers do include some thumb tacks.

"It's not very pretty, and I can tell it's not going to work. There are too many gaps. Mosquitoes can get through."

We figured this wouldn't work on Mina's french doors, but there is no reason why it won't work on a standard door frame.

To the front of the house we go!

"It reminds me of a tent!"

Finally, we have the pseudo-screen door in place. Time for Mina's grand entrance.

"Oh,! Not very good! That's an 'F' for sure! Maybe we can use it as a scarf!"

The screen door came apart the minute Mina walked through! It even attached to her leg. The Velcro and sticky tabs did not stay in place.

So, let's review the promises this product did NOT keep.

Lets the fresh air in and keep the bugs out? Nope, there are way too many gaps for that.

Powerful magnets? We don't hear any of the clicking noise like in the commercial. In fact, because the magnets were so weak, we had problems keeping this thing hanging.

The biggest claim: "easy to walk through."  Yeah, with one try, we found that is not true!

So, it seems there's nothing magical about Magic Mesh. The $20 fabric fails this Does it Work test.

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