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Business cards still popular in Heartland despite national trends


Businessmen and women are still handing out business cards in the Heartland despite national trends of a decline in the tradition.

The LA Times reports that business card sales have dropped 13 percent since 2006. It says young people are not carrying them and instead using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Professionals in the Heartland said that's not necessarily the case here.

"I'm actually seeing just a steady pace with it," said QDR Quality Printing Owner Raymond LeGrand. "They're going to use those cards because that's how you make that connection."

"A business relationship is about building trust so when you build that trust face to face you still need to have those business cards," said Chris Foeste, the Chairman of the Cape Girardeau Young Professionals.

Foeste says he still uses the cards.

"Being in a sales position, you never know when you're going to meet a potential client so I think for me especially I've got business cards stashed away in within all my suit jackets, within my consol in my car, because you just never know when you're going to run into somebody that you're going to need to hand out your contact information," said Foeste.

"If I'm making a connection I hand it out that's my form of advertising," said LeGrand.

LeGrand says he's seen the evolution of cards from raised lettering to full color cards.

Now, the actual information on the card is evolving.

"Maybe a twitter or linked in account and any of our new business cards we're putting our QR codes on there so that you now take all of that information, put it on a QR image on the back and now I can get all of that information inside my smart phone in less that 2 seconds," said Foeste.

"Your email address, Facebook, twitter, whatever you use, you've got to get that to that customer some how," said LeGrand.

"I just think it's a standard inside the business industry," said Foeste.

"It gets your name in front of them, and keeps it in front of them, in a small concise little packet," said LeGrand.

LeGrand and Foeste say it's important to get a couple things on your business card; name and contact information. That could come in the form of a phone number, fax number, email, twitter, Facebook, or website.

LeGrand says it's also important to get your company or personal logo on the card to showcase your brand.

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