Friday afternoon storms hit Southern Illinois

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Storms scattered damage throughout areas of Southern Illinois.

In Murphysboro, Everett Evershol said the storms knocked a beam into his home creating a hole. It blew off parts of his roof, and completely tore down a car port, destroying his car.

"I seen on television 7 minutes until it hit, Murphysboro, so I went into the bathroom laid down on the floor, and held on to the stool about that time it hit, made a big thump and the house shook a little bit," said Evershol.

He says when he walked outside, he couldn't believe the extent of damage.

"Everything got quiet so I just got up, walked out and seen all this mess," said Evershol.

Family and friends working on Evershol's home, as well as those working to clean up spots in Elkville, said they wanted to work quickly to try to get spots repaired before new storms blew in.

Chris Oyler lives along Illinois Route 3 just outside of Grand Tower. He said the storm blew off parts of his barn, and tin into the trees.

"It's trashed, everything, like a bomb went off out here you know, everything's moved around the barn's all kinds of jacked up and I got a whole big mess to clean up now," said Oyler.

He says he was asleep when the storm started, and couldn't believe how quickly it came in.

"It was like the door was getting pushed in, I could see the daylight, like coming through it, I got up, I was pushing back out on it to try to keep it closed, and then I just abandoned that went to another room for safety," said Oyler.

Oyler says he talked to neighbors, and it looked like his was the only property in the area to get hit.

"I made my laps, and nobody else has really been touched, so I guess I won the storm lottery, so that's good, lucky me I guess," said Oyler.

Linda Siefert owns 51 Place in Elkville, IL. She says the storm blew through the area quickly.

"I came out here and looked and instantly it got dark and then we got a little bit of hail, it was sleet, like a sleet, it got real cold, all in the matter of about 5 minutes," said Siefert.

Siefert says there was no severe damage in the area, but did see strong winds.

"The wind blew things over, it bent the flag pole in half it was pretty scary for about seven minutes," said Siefert. "It blew some stuff down inside, but it came in fast, the rain came in under the awning and was hitting on the door inside there, it was weird how it came in."

She says she's thankful for a lesson from her grandmother.

"The sky got pink, my grandmother always said when the sky turns pink, tornados are around, so I think that scared me the most when I saw the pink in the clouds," said Siefert.

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