3/25/12 - Minimum Wage

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What is the federal minimum wage rate? It's an easy enough question, but depending on your employment circumstances or the things in life that matter to you, it might not be an answer that stays top of mind.
I am sure it is top of mind now for the three Republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate in Missouri. In case you haven't heard, last week they went on radio in St. Louis for a debate and each of them fumbled that question. They didn't know. Now, if you don't pay wages, or if you work for a higher wage, you might not care to know the answer. But if you are running to represent the good people of Missouri in the United States Senate, that's a number you darn well ought to know.
For the record, it is $7.25 an hour. Workers are guaranteed that wage in every state here in the Heartland except Illinois where, if you are older than 18, you are guaranteed $8.25 an hour. 4.4 million Americans work at or below the federal minimum wage and it is an important issue in this country and in this state, an issue that a future Senator ought to know.
These three candidates should have known. But more importantly, you should know what your candidates know and believe when you place your vote. Folks, this is an important election year. If you're not yet informed, get informed. Do your homework. Tune in to the process and make your vote count. Don't be caught off guard like these three were.
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