Jackson County Board finally decides fate of Rehab & Care Center

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - The future for residents and care givers at Jackson County Rehab & Care Center is finally a lot clearer for everyone.

On Wednesday night the county board met to decide which one of the two companies seeking ownership of the care center, would get the keys.

After less then ten minutes and a vote of 10-3 they decided to hand things over to RFMS Incorporated in Carbondale.

"The nursing home function has changed very rapidly," said Bill Crain attorney for RFMS Inc., "It's gotten to be more intense. It requires more therapy and set-ups. And we're prepared to do those things for this community."

After several hugs and even some tears many of the care center's employees seemed to be pleased that they finally had a future, together with their residents.

"Total relief, just needed a decision one way or another," said Merle Taylor Director Jackson County Rehab & Care Center. " We're pleased to have a decision either way. But we are excited about this opportunity."

Not everyone who attended the meeting though feels that the county board made the right choice in handing things over to the Carbondale company.

"Not knowing what's going on in the healthcare industry. And the possibility that they might not be able to get financing on the building, there's too many open ends of liability that is left with the county," said Dr. Roger Herrin, RDK Management Services. "We would have eliminated that liability and exposure immediately. Put money in the coffers, rather then dragging this out for two years."

Under the terms voted in favor of by county leaders, RFMS will pay the county $45,000 a month over the two years they expect it will take them to build a new facility in Carbondale.

Then all of the current residents and employees at Jackson County Rehab & Care Center will be moved to Carbondale.

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